IMAGIC Seminar Day 2009

“Digital imaging in Europe: from device to application”

The IMAGIC seminar day 2009 was held on Nov 11th at Kista Mässan, Stockholm, Sweden. A record 90 people attended the day this year, of whom more than half came from industrial companies.

Since the seminar day this year was focused on aspects of imaging as utilized in Europe, speakers from various European countries were included in the programme.

  • Dr. Bruno Leone, from the Opto-Electronics section of the European Space Agency in the Netherlands, described how the invisible is detected at ESA.
  • Mr. Terje Kvisterøy, from Sensonor Technologies AS, Norway, presented the background behind the process of taking microbolometer arrays into mass production.
  • Dr. Michael Campbell, from CERN, Switzerland, talked about single photon counting and spectroscopic imaging at x-ray wavelengths, with use of the Medipix chip.
  •  Dr. Piet De Moor, from IMEC, Belgium, described the hybrid imagers that have been developed at IMEC.


Also included in the programme were technical experts from IMAGIC. Professor Robert Forchheimer of Linköping University and Michael Salter from Acreo spoke about detector electronics for imaging arrays, and Sture Petersson, professor emeritus of KTH and Mid-Sweden University, described detector technologies for advanced x-ray imaging. Both professors are members of IMAGIC’s scientific advisory board.

Per Wiklund from Scint-X AB described his company’s technology for the production of structured scintillators for high-resolution imaging, and Ewon Wall from Saab Microwave showed how gated viewing can produce enhanced imaging day and night. Both Scint-X and Saab are members of IMAGIC.

From Acreo, the Centre manager Dr. Jan Andersson presented the different technologies being developed within IMAGIC for advanced IR imaging, and Dr. Bertrand Noharet showed examples of the different technologies that are available for 3D imaging.

A poster and exhibition session after the lunch break permitted all contributors to display their technical achievements and products/demonstrators. This was also greatly appreciated as a forum for discussion and networking between all participants.


Welcome and introduction to IMAGICLeif Bergström, Chairman of IMAGIC board

Imaging in SpaceChair: Jan Andersson

Detecting the invisible at the European Space AgencyBruno Leone, ESA

Advances in Infrared ImagingChair: Per Ericsson

Detector technologies for advanced IR imagingJan Andersson, Acreo AB

Microbolometer arrays in mass productionTerje Kvisterøy, Sensonor Technologies AS, Norway

Signal Processing ElectronicsChair: Per Ericsson

Detector electronics for imaging arraysRobert Forchheimer, professor, LiU, and Michael Salter, Acreo AB

Developments in X-ray ImagingChair: Christian Vieider

Detector technologies for advanced X-ray imagingSture Petersson, Prof. emerit, KTH/Miun

Performance and limitations of single photon and energy resolving detectorsMichael Campbell, CERN, Switzerland

Structured scintillators for high-resolution imaginPer Wiklund, Scint-X AB

3-Dimensional ImagingChair: Susan Savage

Gated imaging: enhanced imaging day and nightEwon Wall, SAAB Microwave AB

Technologies for 3D imagingBertrand Noharet, Acreo AB

Advances in Component IntegrationChair: Susan Savage

3D Integrated imagersPiet De Moor, IMEC, Belgium

Concluding remarksJan Andersson, IMAGIC centre manager

Wednesday, November 11, 2009, 09:30