IMAGIC Seminar Day 2008

IMAGIC Seminar Day 2008-11-20: ”Progress in imaging technology for non-visible wavelengths”

IMAGIC’s yearly seminar day was held on Nov 20th this year. Around 70 people assembled in Kista to learn about state-of-the-art imaging technology for non-visible wavelengths. More than half of the participants came from industrial companies, and the remainder from universities, institutes and other organisations.

Leif Bergström, chairman of IMAGICs board of directors, welcomed all participants to the event. This was followed by an overview of IMAGIC and its activities by Jan Andersson, the Centre manager.

The technical presentations by IMAGIC project leaders provided information on the present status and future prospects of imaging technology for a wide range of non-visible wavelengths, ranging from x-ray through ultraviolet and infrared to terahertz. Examples of their application were also presented, in areas such as safety and security, medical research and treatment, industrial process control and quality assurance, and environmental monitoring.

Sensor fusion was presented as a technique that enables more precise or reliable information to be obtained through combining information from a group of different detectors and sensors.

Finally, Professor Robert Forchheimer of Linköping University, member of IMAGIC’s scientific board, gave an overview of the different techniques that can be used in image processing to extract information required from the image.

A poster session directly after the lunch break allowed the IMAGIC partners to display their company / university/ institute profile and activities, together with posters on IMAGIC projects. This session provided the opportunity for much discussion and networking between all participants.

Agenda 2008-11-20:

  • Welcome and introduction, Leif Bergström, Chairman of IMAGIC board
  • IMAGIC 2008, Jan Andersson, IMAGIC Centre Manager
  • High performance IR imaging, Hedda Malm, IRnova
  • Sensitive UV detection and imaging, Susan Savage, Acreo
  • Trends in digital X-ray imaging, Peter Norlin, Acreo
  • Progress in THz imaging, Stanley Wissmar, Acreo
  • Low-cost IR imaging, Per Ericsson, Acreo
  • Sensor fusion for multi-parameter monitoring, Ingemar Petermann, Acreo
  • Frontiers in image processing, Robert Forchheimer, Linköping University
  • Concluding remarks, Jan Andersson, IMAGIC Centre Manager


Thursday, November 20, 2008, 10:00
Stockholm, Sweden