ECOC 2013

The 39th European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communication ECOC will be the largest optical communication event in Europe for 2013 and will provide a forum for new results and developments.

We invite you to attend:

Monday, September 23, 11:35- 12:05

  • Marco Forzati and Crister Mattsson, "20 years of FTTH investment in Stockholm: A good return on investment", topic area Mass market broadband, 8th Annual Market Focus at ECOC 2013

Tuesday September 24, from 16:00

  • Poster session: T. Koonen (TUE), M. Popov (Acreo), H. Wessing (DTU), “Upper Bound for Energy Efficiency in Multi-Cell Fibre-Wireless Access Systems

Abstract: Bringing radio access points closer to the end-users improves radio energy efficiency. However, taking into account both the radio and the optical parts of a fibre-wireless access system,
the overall system energy efficiency has an upper bound determined by the relation between the energy consumption of the optical and wireless parts.

Program overview

Sunday, September 22, 2013, 09:00 to Thursday, September 26, 2013, 17:00
ICC London ExCeL London
United Kingdom
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ECOC 2013