Broadband - A key infrastructure for Europe 2020

Access to high capacity broadband infrastructure is not as developed in Europe as in Asia and the USA – Europe is falling behind. This affects Europe’s competitiveness it is therefore vital for authorities and legislators in the EU to do there utmost to stimulate the deployment of high capacity broadband infrastructure.

The European Commission has launched an initiative and also county council and municipalities are working to stimulate the roll-out of broadband infrastructure. The vice-chairman of the EPP and the rapporteur for radio spectrum and broadband guidelines: Gunnar Hökmark, MEP, therefore invited to a seminar on the challenges that lies ahead fulfilling the vision of making the EU the most connected part of the world. In the seminar examples were given from Sweden who has the most developed fibre optic networks within the EU.

There was a big interest in the Stokab model in Stockholm during the seminar and it discussed ways to copy and use the success in also other places.

Crister Mattson was moderator at an open discussion on European infrastructure. In the audience people from the EU parliament, lobbyist and public sector attended.

Anna Krzyżanowska, Head of Unit Broadband European Commission, also participated in the program.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013, 12:30
European Parlament, ASP 5 F 385 Brussels