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Through collaboration with Acreo Swedish ICT the new, small company Observe Medical AB launched its first product onto the market during 2013. SIPPI is a unique, single use, digital urine meter. The product is expected to capture a significant part of the market potential – about 15 million disposable units per year.

Kidney failure is a common problem in the ICU. The amount of urine produced is therefore an important parameter to control a patient's kidney function. So far, the measurement has been entirely manual at the risk of erroneous measurements and subsequent risk of miscalculations.

Observe Medical AB was founded in January 2009 to develop innovative medical technology products that benefit patients and healthcare professionals. The first product is a system for digital and automatic measurement of the amount of urine produced.

The company had a solution to their product idea, which they wanted to have evaluated and refined. Through collaboration with Acreo Swedish ICT the company obtained partial funding for a feasibility study. The pilot study carried out with Acreo Swedish ICT had two directions: to evaluate the desired capacitive measurement technology with regard to function and accuracy, and to evaluate the technique of using a siphon to empty the measuring chamber when it is full. The evaluation work was carried out both theoretically and practically, with the help of calculations, simulations and measurements.

"It was valuable for us to get our ideas confirmed and illuminated from a more theoretical point of view," says Mikael Löfgren, technical director, Observe Medical AB.

As a result of the pilot study, Observe Medical AB continued the development of the product. During 2012, the system was evaluated in near real conditions. After design changes and improvements the product was launched in Jun 2013.

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