Customer stories: Developing Novel Solutions for Fish Farming: Saving Money and the Environment

A new European research project will reduce the environmental impact of fish farms, while simultaneously increasing the profitability of the fish farming industry. Acreo Swedish ICT is contributing expertise in nanotechnology and sensor technology to the construction of a new sonar platform - AquaFarmControl.

The aim of the project is to optimize the efficiency of marine fish farming. This is done through an electronic system – AquaFarmControl - which utilizes an active multi-purpose capsule device, remotely controlled by sonar equipment installed in the fish pens, and a fully-automated alert system based on the latest GSM technology. The capsule contains an immobilization system that is triggered when a fish escapes from a fish farm, effectively inhibiting any long-term effects of escaped fish on marine aquaculture.

Carl Ivar Holmen is a project manager and co-owner of the company Seafood Security AS, the patent holder. He is very pleased with the consortium’s work, which has garnered a lot of interest within industry. He stresses that the technology will be used for much more than just immobilizing escapees.

“We are facing the ethical questions, and striving for a solution that authorities can accept and the market can embrace. The long-term focus of the project is perhaps the most interesting. We plan to use the technology to take biometric measurements to determine the health of the fish and the status of the fish farm,” he explained.

The unique ID assigned to each capsule will enable precision livestock farming by providing farm operators with detailed livestock data, crucial to improving assessment of fish feed dosages. The system will provide fish farm operators with an accurate count of biomass, information about size distribution and total tonnage.

The consortium behind AquaFarmControl consists of innovative European SMEs and leading European research centers. It is funded by a € 1.8 million grant through the European Commission's 7th Framework Programme for Research.

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