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Life Science

Life Science

RISE Acreo offers a Multi-disciplinary Innovation environment to take Life Science research concepts to manufacturable prototypes. Our focus is upon diagnostics and detection, research tools and eHealth-solutions.

Since life science is a truly interdisciplinary area of research, we think it is especially important for us, as sensing developers, to work in close proximity to professionals with various scientific disciplines, ranging from clinicians to academy and industry researchers. And because we are diverse, Acreo can apply inter-disciplinary expertise to your detection, diagnostic and/or analysis need with an optimum technical solution applied to areas as pharma drug development, point of care diagnostics, food safety and mobile health solutions.

As your Life Science partner - we can assist in any stage of bringing new ideas to the market. We have the technology competence, we have the laboratories and test environments, we know prototyping, licensing and patents. And we have strong national and international networks – academic as well as business networks.

Acreo Life Science technologies:

  • Image sensors: Wavelengths X-ray to Thz and IR
  • Printed Electronics & Organic Bioelectronics
  • Microfluidics: Fiber, nano and micro-channel
  • Biological functionalization, recognition and analysis
  • Specialized structures: multifunction fibers and MEMS
  • Sensor systems: optical/physical/chemical/magnetic
  • eHealth communication platforms
  • BioCom Lab - intrabody network tech

RISE Acreo has several platform technologies that are available for commercial development into products of interest to specific market segments. These may include pharma, point of care, agriculture, environment, food safety or other new applications.


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Per Björk
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Christian Jonasson
Group Manager / Research Scientist
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Peter Kjäll
Business Area Manager Life Science / Development Manager BioComLab
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Cristina Rusu
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Qin Wang
PhD/Senior Expert
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Research tools

Biomonitoring for diabetes research

This technique enables studying insulin-producing beta cells within the living animal non-invasively, longitudinally and at single cell resolution using optical detection.

Beta cells transplanted to the anterior chamber of the eye, serves as a natural body window for detection. In this setting the beta cells display the function they normally have in situ in the pancreas.

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Flow-free delivery in vitro - the ion pump

This system provides accurate flow-free delivery of charged bio-molecules at high spatiotemporal resolution. The device can be configured in multiple geometries including planar micro-fluidic culture dishes to in vivo pipet systems. Specifics;

  • Precise electronic control
  • Unprecedented control of delivered amount (electronic current ~ delivery rate)
  • High spatial and temporal resolution

This is a tool for drug and disease research, biological drug production, and medical device diagnostics and therapeutics. The technology has been developed within the OBOE project

Read more: Organic BiOelectronics

The Acreo National Testbed, ANT

ANT can be used by a wide spectrum of regional, national and international institutions and companies, working with research and commercialization of products and services for broadband networks, such as applications and devices for eHealth. This includes analysis of user internet traffic patterns and behavior; advanced high-capacity internet services; studies and evaluation of equipment close to the end user (e.g. wireless diagnostic devices) – including telemetry, access and home networks. Always with the end user in focus.

Read more: Acreo National Testbed, ANT


eHealth solutions

Home care services will play a vital role in tomorrow’s health care system. This creates a rising demand for accessible, high-quality information, integrated and secure communications systems, efficient processes and interactive services within modern heath care.

Internet-based care services

Where city networks are not available - we propose Internet based care services. For this purpose we are building a ”healt-care gateway” that can be placed in the care takers home, that will garantee a robust and secure service delivery.

Read more: FI-STAR EXPOSE - Cloud based solution for eHealth

XiFi Nordic Federated Node

Establishing a Nordic datacenter cluster connected to similar clusters of other XiFi partners and providing the infrastructure for cloud-based services of the Future Internet in Europe. Acreo Swedish ICT AB is the owner and operator of this node.

Read more: XiFi Nordic Federated Node (XiFi NFN)

Home treatment of patients with COPD

Significant improvements for the lung clinic and for the patients could be attained if a telemedicine solution for treatment of oxygen patients at home could be introduced. Together with SICS, Acreo develops telemedicine solution for treatment of COPD, Chronic Respiratory Insufficiency, (KOL in Swedish) at home. All aspects addressed;

  • Technical implementation
  • Economic viability
  • Medical processes
  • Acceptance of new technology by the patients and medical professionals.

The solution also includes video communication between the patient at home and the care giving lung clinic.

Read more: COPD - Home treatment of patients with chronic respiratory insufficiency


Diagnostics and detection

Integrated printed biosensor platform

Printed electronics is an exciting research area where traditional printing tools are used to add electronic and bio-electronic functions to paper and plastics. Since organic materials can be used, it also becomes possible to develop devices with fundamentally new functions such as communication with biological systems. Acreo is in the forefront of this development.

The Integrated printed biosensor unique printed biosensor concept presenting a new paradigm in low cost bio sensing devices. It is an entire system including power source, circuitry, sensor and display all printed on a sheet of flexible plastic or paper. Applications are for instance;

  • Point of care (even for self-care)
  • Agriculture
  • Food safety
  • Environmental monitoring

Read more: Integrated printed biosensor platforms

Magnetic sensor system - DynoMag

  • FLU-ID/PharMag  - a low-cost and portable miniaturized diagnostics unit for rapid detection of influenza  or other pathogens directly at the point of care.
  • Based on state-of-the-art bio- and nano-technology. Sample preparation, assay and interface to the detector are realized through a microfluidic lab-on-a-chip device.
  • NanoMag - standardization, improvement and redefining analyzing methods of magnetic nanoparticles. Using improved manufacturing technologies, synthesized magnetic nanoparticles with specific properties will be analyzed with a multitude of characterization techniques.

Read more:
FLU ID - Portable influenza diagnostics
NanoMag - Nanometrology standardization methods for magnetic nanoparticles

Movement analysis

Development of sensor garnments for monitoring of;

  • Parkinson´s disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Stroke
  • Sport applications

Read more:
Platform for diagnostic of neurological diseases based on movement analysis
EVINN: Eventbaserad Innovation


DynoMag and a girl coughing girl