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Clean Technologies

Clean Technologies

Within the field of Clean Technologies, we apply new technology towards smart living, resource efficiency and energy storing. We are the perfect partner for anyone interested in minimizing its footprint on our environment and at the same time creating profitable products and/or services.

Today, we are active in over ten different projects directly linked to Clean Technologies which combine our expertise in fundamental science, sensor development, engineering, product development, and real-life applications. For example, we develop magnetic particles which can be used for binding unwanted pollutants in water. We develop efficient energy harvesting modules by using our MEMS technology know-how and we develop novel sensor technologies to follow plant growth/development with the purpose to achieve optimal growth conditions. And that is just a selection of what we can offer.

Clean Technologies is about practicing sustainable research and innovation, making the most of the resources provided in the most environmental-friendly and cost-effective way. Contact us and we can tell you more.

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Group Manager / Research Scientist
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