Acreo is a Swedish independent non-profit research institute within the area of ICT (Information and Communication Technology).

We conduct applied research within the field of Broadband Technology, Fiber Optics, Nanoelectronics, Printed Electronics and Sensor Systems. We also offer Business development in Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME), starting with a clear understanding of market needs and taking advantage of ICT.

Our location is in Kista, Göteborg, Norrköping and Hudiksvall, with head office in Kista, Stockholm, Sweden.


Strategic Management Group 

Leif Ljungqvist
leif [dot] ljungqvist [at] acreo [dot] se
Jan Andersson
jan [dot] andersson [at] acreo [dot] se
Anders Berntson
Broadband Technology
anders [dot] berntson [at] acreo [dot] se
Åsa Claesson
Fiber Optics
asa [dot] claesson [at] acreo [dot] se
Håkan Sehlin
SME Development
hakan [dot] sehlin [at] acreo [dot] se
Göran Gustafsson
Printed Electronics
goran [dot] gustafsson [at] acreo [dot] se

Peter Björkholm
Sensor Systems
peter [dot] bjorkholm [at] acreo [dot] se

Executive management group

Louise Felldin
Marketing & Communication
louise [dot] felldin [at] acreo [dot] se

Board members

Stefan Ekman, Proximion Fiber Systems AB
Hans Hentzell (Chairman), Swedish ICT Research
Hans Malmqvist, FMOF
Maria Månsson, Prevas
Sten Nordell, Transmode
Pontus de Laval, Saab AB
Christer Lindqvist, Employee representative
Anna Malmström, Employee representative
Magnus Lindblom, Employee representative (Deputy)

Acreo subsidiaries


The Acreo activities within Fiber Optics span the entire range from materials research, preform design and manufacturing of fibers to research, through development and prototyping of advanced fiber optical components, to implementation of fiber optic systems solutions in the industry. In 2008 Fibertronix AB was established as a spin-off from Acreo, providing customer-defined specialty optical fibers to an international market.

Fibertronix develops, manufactures and markets fiber and fiber based solutions for the industry and is closely linked to Acreo Fiberlab, based in Hudiksvall, Sweden. Acreo Fiberlab has state of the art resources for research, development and production of specialty optical fibers. The equipment includes MCVD preform lathe, two drawing towers as well as test and measurement equipment. The fiber expertise at Fibertronix includes for instance doped preforms, micro structured fibers, and fiber drawing with a large range of fiber diameters and coatings.
Read more about Fibertronix AB.


Acreo has a long experience and deep knowledge of development and production of QWIP (Quantum Well Infrared Photodetectors). In March 2007 the infrared QWIP detector department became the independent company IRnova AB.
IRnova supplies high quality, high performance infrared detectors to infrared module, camera and system manufacturers worldwide. IRnova’s main focus today is on development and production of QWIP FPAs (Focal Plane Arrays). The QWIP grating is based on Acreo’s patented solution, for which IRnova holds an exclusive license.

The QWIP development and production within Acreo and IRnova has a rather long history with thousands of produced detectors and volume shipments of high quality products to major infrared module, system and camera manufacturers around the world. At IRnova research and development is also ongoing for new IR-technologies such as T2SL (Type|| Superlattice), uncooled technology as well as for new products in other areas requiring similar technology knowledge and production capability.

Acreo - part of Swedish ICT

Acreo is a part of Swedish ICT Research, a group of world class research institutes in the forefront of research in ICT ranging from hardware to software. Swedish ICT Research is active through its subsidiaries: Acreo, SICS, Interactive Institute, and Viktoria Institute.

RISE AB is an owner company that wholly or partly owns industry research institutes. Today there are 19 research institutes within Rise, organized in four groups: Innventia, SP, Swerea and Swedish ICT Research. RISE Research Institutes of Sweden is a network of RTO’s, cooperating with universities, industry and society to create value, economic growth and competitiveness through excellent R&D and innovation. Read more about Rise.