Customer stories

RISE Acreo have expertise in running complex projects with a wide range of stakeholders. Our wealth of knowledge and industry experience have been central to hundreds of successful projects. Click on the projects below to read our stories.


Temperature control for safer industry

In the kind of processing industry, where high temperatures are part of the process, the quality assurance of lining (insulation) in equipment is important to avoid breakthrough. Breakthrough means that molten steel leaks out, potentially causing harm to nearby personnel and leading to long, costly downtime. RISE Acreo is developing technology to provide a simple warning when this risk occurs.


Ion pump relieves chronic pain

A surgically implanted ion-pump that emits ions to relieve chronic pain has been developed by the Laboratory of Organic Electronics research group at Linköping University. This represents a breakthrough innovation, being the first of its kind in the world. The technology has been developed in close collaboration between Linköping University, Acreo and the Karolinska Institute.


Intelligent Insole for Elderly Fall Prevention

Falls are a major health issue for the elderly, both in their immediate effects, such as fractures and head injuries, as well as longer-term problems, such as disability and loss of independence. RISE Acreo participated in WIISEL, an EU-project to develop a smart insole that detects risk for falling.


Smart Clothes for Diagnosis and Treatment

RISE Acreo is participating in the ongoing development of fabric-based sensors that can measure respiration, heart rate and movements – enabling the creation of smart clothes with smart electronic capabilities. Patients suffering from epilepsy or Parkinson's disease, as well as people affected by stroke can be examined in their home environment with the help of this technology.


Developing Novel Solutions for Fish Farming: Saving Money and the Environment

A new European research project will reduce the environmental impact of fish farms, while simultaneously increasing the profitability of the fish farming industry. RISE Acreo is contributing expertise in nanotechnology and sensor technology to the construction of a new sonar platform - AquaFarmControl.


Sweden Invests in Smarter Electronic Systems

“Smarter Electronic Systems,” an extensive new strategic innovation program for the development of smart electronic devices and systems was launched 2014 – mobilizing industry, academia and public sectors to strengthen Sweden's competitiveness within hardware and key enabling technologies. RISE Acreo coordinated the program.


Fiber optics and laser make the steel industry more competitived

In recent years, RISE Acreo has been involved in several projects that have created value for the Swedish steel industry. The solutions are based on fiber optics and make it possible to measure temperature and atomic composition in real time in different stages of manufacturing and recycling processes



Screening “On the Fly”

The aim of the new EU FP7 project, called TeraSCREEN, is to provide automatic detection and classification of body-borne threats for security screening. This will significantly improve the security, privacy, efficiency and experience at security checkpoints.


High-precision measurement with fiber optics can increase the productivity for manufacturers

Manufacturers can choose from a wide variety of measurement techniques to ensure the quality of their products. The Swedish company System 3R International, a supplier of tools for the manufacturing industry, partnered with RISE Acreo to develop a flexible high-precision measurement system based on fiber optics technology. “


Printed technology for low-cost electronic displays

RISE Acreo has developed a unique method for printing electronic components on plain paper or plastic substrates.




Project coaching from acreo helps medical company zenicor expand its business

Small and medium-sized companies can benefit from research institutes in many ways. Zenicor Medical Systems, a company that develops and markets equipment for monitoring cardiac patients outside the hospital, was supported with project coaching from Acreo in a development project that was critical for an international expansion.



Smarter use of electric energy

One of the main consequences of global development is the increasing demand for electric energy. This poses a serious threat to the global climate as long as electric energy generation relies predominantly on the fossil fuels.This demand, in conjunction with limited natural fuel resources, and threats from climate changes, are major factors behind the need to use electric energy in a more efficient way.


Swedish-Brazilian Cooperation to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emission

The EU has a climate target to reduce carbon emissions by 2020. One solution could be to store carbon dioxide in bedrock. RISE Acreo was part of a Swedish-Brazilian consortium with a mission to develop the necessary measurement techniques.



The Media Distribution of Tomorrow

Online traffic and congestion are increasing every year and require more and more energy. Ensuring sustainable media distribution, without the user experiencing a degradation in perceived quality, is the key challenge being tackled by the EFRAIM project.




Enabling Healthcare Innovation

Through collaboration with RISE Acreo the new, small company Observe Medical AB launched its first product onto the market during 2013. SIPPI is a unique, single use, digital urine meter. The product is expected to capture a significant part of the market potential – about 15 million disposable units per year.



Information at the Touch of a Label

Just by touching a printed smart label, a smartphone can access and analyse information with the human body acting as a transmitter of that information. Behind this innovation are Ericsson, RISE Acreo and Linköping University.


Keyboard with Integrity button

Ensuring User Integrity when Handling Internet Traffic Data

“An exciting and important project with an impressive constellation of partners” is how VINNOVA describes the new RISE Acreo project, DISTINCT. The project’s aim is to contribute to a digital society in which we can use Internet traffic data to develop services and infrastructure in a way that does not conflict with personal integrity.


Self-Powering Sensors for the Internet of Things

Self-powering, inexpensive, small sensors are a challenge for researchers. They are going to be the building block in the Internet of Things, and market demand is ever increasing. A new project will develop a method for harvesting energy from vibrations in the environment



The satellite communication of the future will take place with lasers

RISE Acreo has developed a technology which makes it possible for satellites to communicate with lasers at speeds of up to 1 GBps. The technology builds on quantum wells, using these to minimize the data link terminal in the satellite and drastically reduce energy requirements. The combination makes laser communication a realistic alternative even between nanosatellites, which often do not weigh more than a matter of kilos.


Skellefteå first with smart home

Skellefteå was the first city to present an internationally unique solution for a practical open smart home – a shared platform for digital services in comfort, security and energy. The platform has been developed under the Smart Homes project headed by Swedish ICT.


Environmental sensors making cities better places to live

Rapid urbanization is leading to deteriorating city environments and posing a threat to general health. But effective environmental monitoring can slow this phenomenon. This is the basis for a project in which RISE Acreo is collaborating with seven partners to develop cheap, simple environmental monitors for better air quality.


Improved Analysis Expected to Increase Sales

With support from RISE Acreo, Osstell AB has developed an idea for improved measurement of the status of dental implants, from testing to prototype. Osstell estimates that the improved instrument will lead to an increase in sales of approximately 40 Million SEK by 2018.


Test Environment for Printed Electronics Becomes European Model

Acreo’s Printed Electronic Arena-Manufacturing (PEA-Manufacturing) lab has been selected as an EU Pilot Line Demonstrator, a prestigious distinction. The European Commission selected RISE Acreo from a field of major companies and institutes throughout Europe in recognition of their work with printed electronics and its importance to the future of manufacturing.


Revolutionary Moisture Measuring Tool

Invisense is a spin-off company of RISE Acreo and Printed Electronics Arena (PEA), which has developed a concept for a humidity sensor based on printed electronics. The aim is to develop modern sensor technology for measuring moisture in buildings and to take the product to market.



Smart Homes Becomes a Reality

The idea of the smart home is not new, and there are a range of smart services on the market. The problem is that they are often based on incompatible technology platforms, and sold at a price point that is prohibitive for the average consumer. There is still work to be done in order to make a true smart home. The project, Sustainable Open Solutions for the Smart Home, will address these issues, with the goal of making the smart home a reality.


fiber-based broadband -
a good investment

Fiber-based broadband is a good investment for society. RISE Acreo investigates technical and business solutions for fiber-based broadband networks, and their impact on the economic growth.



Acreo develops Component in Cancer Treatment System

Radiotherapy systems in the pre-treatment phase lack directional-independent detectors for the treatment of brain tumors. Acreo and Scandidos have developed a detector that can be used in future cancer treatment equipment.





Acreo Develops Visual Ergonomic Standards for Future 3D TV

Since the beginning of the 1990s, Acreo has assisted TCO Development as a technology expert when it comes to the visual ergonomic test methods and requirements of displays. During the last couple of years, Acreo has drafted a proposal for quality standards for 3D TV in cooperation with TCO Development.



Fiber optics boosts productivity

Manufacturers today can choose from a wide variety of measurement techniques to ensure the quality of their products. Tool supplier System 3R International partnered with RISE Acreo to develop a flexible high-precision measurement system based on fiber optic technology.



New, quicker method to diagnose tuberculosis

In collaboration with the University of New Delhi, Dag Ilver and his coworkers at Acreo are designing a quicker, less expensive diagnostic method for tuberculosis that can be used under field conditions.




Field-Trial for Tomorrow’s Internet

Ever increasing traffic on the Internet creates congestion problems, which could be resolved by faster optical fibers. RISE Acreo and Transmode have taken us one step closer to a technological solution, with a successful transmission of 100 Gbit/s over a 1640 km installed optical fiber in Acreo National Testbed.


Safeguarding water supply

The safe and efficient supply of clean water is a global challenge. Standards must be maintained and supply-chain problems detected early in order to prevent unnecessary disruptions in industry processes. RISE Acreo manages a large consortium developing a sensorbased, online monitoring solution that will provide safe and resource-efficient water management.



The Importance of Monitoring Lithium-Ion Batteries

Most of today's plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, as well as all-electric vehicles, use lithium-ion batteries. Thus the estimation of battery states is extremely important for safe, reliable and efficient use of these batteries. The challenge to efficiently measure the battery state has now been taken on in a new project called BatterySoC.


Recycling Rare Earth Materials will Save Energy and Cost

Several rare earth materials are critical components in modern electronics. A new EU-project is aiming to develop innovative solutions for recycling these rare earth materials, thus providing large energy savings and reducing both production costs and the environmental impact. RISE Acreo is one of the partners.


5G Lab

New 5G Research Lab Fosters Collaboration

RISE Acreo, in cooperation with Ericsson and KTH, launched the Kista 5G Transport Lab in 2014 - a key to fulfilling the demands of the truly Networked Society of the future.


EVINN Prototype

Analyzing Performance in Sports

Sensors and smart textiles can measure an athlete’s movement, and give valuable data to improve competitive performance. This technology could also be used to give spectators at sporting events additional insight and experiences. This is the focus of the EVINN (Event-Based Innovation) project, an outgrowth of solutions that in many cases are based on the results of studies on smart garments for people suffering from neurological diseases.