Master thesis projects in Video Quality of Experience

More and more video services are consumed over the Internet. Popular services are: Youtube, Netflix, SVT Play, Viaplay, HBO, etc. Network and service providers need to know that these services are reaching the consumers with the quality that they have reason to expect.

Procera has a product that lets the network and service providers to keep track of the delivered video quality. These Master thesis projects aim at improving this product, so that Procera’s product will be more competitive and help the network and service providers to deliver better video quality or Quality of Experience to their customers.


These Master thesis projects have two challenging, but also exciting, directions:

  • One is to break new grounds in subjective quality assessment by using crowdsourcing to build up a large database subjective scores.
  • The other is to develop objective models based on a large pool of subjective data, possibly employing Machine Learning and Bigdata analysis methods.

We think this is suitable for joint thesis work of two persons simultaneously or two independent thesis works starting with the subjective crowdsourcing part.


Procera's Scorecard product has been on the market for a year now. It passively analysis subscriber traffic (throughput, latency, and loss) and applies a set of thresholds on these metrics to product a A-F based score for seven different application types (web, video, social, gaming, download, upload and over the top voice services).

The thresholds should be updated on a yearly basis, because the expectation is that subscribers's expectations change over time. What is an A score for video today, may be a B score next year, and so on.

The scores are subjective, and absolute. Meaning that they are based on subjective tests, and no 'excuses' are made for access technologies (2G and 3G networks play in the same scale as FTTH subscriber technology).


Project and remuneration

The thesis project is made for Procera, but will be carried out at Acreo’s premises in Kista. An 18 000 SEK remuneration will be paid at completion of the work.


For more information and application:

Contact Kjell Brunnström, Senior Scientist, Technical Area Manager Visual Media Quality.
kjell.brunnstrom [at]
+46 (0)70 841 91 05